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Can both transport and energy storing cable or a reality

Polaris smart grid online news: so far, only used for power transmission cable. Imagine, if you can use the MP3 player, intelligent mobile phone and electric cars carry? It sounds like science fiction. And American Florida Research Laboratory of Centre College developed a single copper wire can be lightweight in transmission and storage capacity of the breakthrough method or can be put into practice.

Florida Centre College nanotechnology scientist Professor Thomas said: "the copper wire is a primary point, but in the end, with the improvement of technology, special fiber can also nano structure of conductive and storing energy. This is a very interesting idea."

Thomas said, more immediate applications can be reflected in the design and development of electric vehicles, space launch vehicles and portable electronic devices. As long as they can in the same line of energy storage and transportation, and space for bulky battery may become obsolete. It can therefore further miniaturization of electronic devices, or previously used for battery space for other purposes. For example, the rocket, which may reduce the burden, the emission at lower cost.

According to the source, Thomas is the "energy storage cable" inspiration and walk in one night in the neighborhood. He led the team began with a single copper wire, copper wire surface growth in a layer of nano whisker; then with a special alloy processing these whiskers, created an electrode. Due to the strong energy needs two electrode storage, so they have to come up with a way to deal with.

Researchers in the creation of second electrodes, by increasing the plastic sheet very thin around the whiskers, and with a metal protective layer to package. And then by using a special gel will these levels together. Because nano whisker layer is insulated copper wire, so the internal retention capacity power transmission channel, and the wire around the layer can be independent store a lot of energy. In other words, the team created a super capacitor in copper wire outside, can store a powerful energy, for example, can meet the supply vehicles or heavy construction equipment of electricity needs.

Thomas said, can transfer this technology to other types of material, resulting in a specially treated clothing fibers can hold enough energy to finish the task. For example, if the flexible solar cells and these fibers are connected in series to the coat, can independently to small electronic devices and other equipment supply power.

Thomas said: "this is very exciting. We step by step and its implementation. Every day I love to the laboratory, and then have a look what would happen next. Sometimes not just as one wishes, but even so, failure can teach us many things."

The original title: can both transport and energy storing cable or a reality

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