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China Southern Power Grid to build the country's first power quality technical service platform

Polaris smart grid online news: in modern society, electricity is one of the most widely used energy, along with the development of science technology and national economy, higher requirements on the power quality more and. Index of power quality if the deviation from the normal level is too large, will to power, power transmission and electricity bring harm. Improve the quality of electric energy for the safety, economic operation of power system, the protection of industrial product quality and scientific experiments of the normal and reduce energy consumption has important significance. Power quality is directly related to the overall performance of the national economy.

Recently, the China Southern Power Grid in Shenzhen built the first national comprehensive power quality technology and service platform. The platform has the quality monitoring, technical services, customer experience and test on the four functions, will effectively enhance the control of power quality and total customer service level, power of high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen city construction intensive.

The platform to start construction in 2006, currently in Shenzhen 70% substation installation of 670 Teclast power quality monitoring terminal, is the largest municipal electric power quality monitoring system. The platform includes "monitoring laboratory", "laboratory", "sag" laboratory ", harmonic and micro grid laboratory" four laboratories, through the real-time monitoring of power, different regions can quality grade evaluation and analysis, formulation of lifting scheme and control measures; test equipment quality testing through the platform of multi function automation control, the power quality equipment into the gateway in advance; and provide free monitoring and detection of customers free of charge, by detecting the customer production equipment and control equipment, to test the voltage sag tolerance and treatment effect, and make an analysis report.

With the development of power industry, with the development of economy, power supply companies to improve their own competitiveness, one of the most important part is to provide high quality power.

At present, the platform to analyze the Shenzhen more than 930 customers by China Southern Power Grid, establishes 8 kinds of a total of 289 (including 63% for customers, sophisticated manufacturing 25% clients of public services) the power quality of sensitive customer files, for 36 customers tailor equipment management advice.

How to understand modern power quality problems, how to improve the quality of electric energy and enhance the sense of competition, to expand the electric power market share together, how to intensify from technology, economy and operation management, and ensure the quality of power supply, in order to minimize the influence of modern industrial enterprises and important power users, the new task is the power user the demand and operation of power system gives us new challenge, also is the information age gives us.

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