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The United States launched a large-scale carbon reduction plan or to bring about changes in the power industry

In new network on 4 June, according to America "New York Times" 3 days of reports, the Obama administration announced the provisions of the State Environmental Protection Agency proposed, in the 2030 before American power plant carbon pollution reduction from 2005 levels of 30%. Report points out, this is one of the most powerful American government action to deal with climate change.

Reportedly, this provision is aimed at the primary source of carbon pollution American, namely American more than 600 thermal power plant. Experts say, if can withstand the expected attack in law and legislation, the rules may lead to hundreds of thermal power plant was shut down, may also bring the systemic changes to America power industry over a period of decades, including power generation and electricity use of change.

EPA chief Gina Macarthy in the morning of 2 speech announced the proposal, "now, due to climate change, carbon pollution not only to our health, but also poses a serious risk to our community, economy and way of life," Mccarthy said.

Report points out, the rules may be the last chance for president Obama to essentially creating domestic policy, also may be the decisive factors of its achievements. In his first term, President Obama failed to promote a sweeping climate change bill passed in the Congress, now, he is acting in his will, through the use of the clean air act of 1970 "" (Clean Air Act) to their administrative power, issued the regulations.

According to this provision, States will have a wide choice of policy, to achieve pollution reduction targets. American federal government allow states to reduce emissions through reform of the electricity system of their own, instead of immediately closed thermal power plant. In the "cap and trade" in the plan, the States agreed to limit carbon pollution, and trade pollution permits.

Mccarthy also said, the proposal would help rather than hurt the economy. "In more than 40 years, EPA 70% decrease in air pollution, and the economy also increased to more than three times the original, provided we let American remain powerful forces required. Climate action does not weaken the USA competitive advantage -- will only strengthen. It will stimulate the imagination and innovation, "she said.

According to a person familiar with the plans said, EPA estimates the annual cost in 7300000000 dollars (about 45600000000 yuan) to $8800000000, but in the entire period of validity, the rules will also bring economic benefits to the value of 55000000000 to $93000000000.

Critics complain that the regulations will raise the cost of electricity, but EPA predicts, the regulations will increase energy efficiency, in 2030 when the plan is fully implemented, should enable the nationwide electricity an average reduction of about 8%.

EPA also predicted that the rules would prevent 2700 to 6600 cases died, and 140000 to 150000 of asthma attack. There is no relation between carbon pollution and asthma, but the EPA estimates, will shut down thermal power plant would make the traditional air pollutants associated with diseases of respiratory system, soot, sulfur and nitrogen were reduced by 25%.

Mccarthy said, the plan will create the design and creation of energy saving technology in power plant, the power grid and the family and building demand.

"These are means more rather than fewer jobs," she said. She also said: "we will need to -- to cleaner energy to tens of thousands of America workers -- building, transportation and other fields has become a reality."

Due to the burning of coal is the biggest source of greenhouse gases, scientists believe that greenhouse gases will trapping heat in the atmosphere, warming the earth, so dangerous. It is expected, the regulations will have a significant impact on the environment. As before, Obama in the first term of office issued a regulation, a substantial increase in vehicle demand -- the automobile exhaust is the USA second carbon pollution sources.

Experts said, the new rules will make America began to set in a 2009 United Nations Treaty goal. Obama was promised, as of 2020, USA to greenhouse gas pollution America by 17% from 2005 levels by 2050, reduced by 83%.

EPA predicts, will power plant carbon pollution reduction 30% will be equivalent to eliminate all the cars and trucks American carbon pollution 2/3.

Although this provision of the will with coal for power plant fuel, but the EPA said, it will give the state a few years to close the existing coal power plant, rather than mandatory immediately shut down the power plant. EPA is expected, the fundamental of this provision, by 2030, nearly 30% of the USA power will still comes from coal, and now is about 40%.

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