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Technology Service Program

   Once our company wins the tender, we will appoint a special man to follow up the whole project. The people we appointed is in charge of the problem in the project implementation, such as project progress, design and manufacture, drawings and documents, packing and transportation, site installation, commission and acceptance, etc, and provide all technical documents that purchaser asked. We will delegate technical engineer as site service people to provide free site service, which is responsible for site technical guidance and help customer to assure the quality of installation and deal with the quality problem of commissioning.
   On the premise of assuring product quality, we make the following committee
   Provide technical data and drawing documentations, first and second wiring diagram.
   Provide installation instruction.
   Factory test is according to GB standard; provide complete test report after test.
   Without maintenance within three years after commissioning, lifetime warranty.
   If any fault or breakdown occurred, we will arrive to handle within 8 hours after getting notice.
   The engineer will go site to do installation instruction and commission according to purchaser’s requirement. He is in charge of training; solving all technical problems of the equipment and assuring the equipment meet service condition.
   The seller will notice the purchaser while the equipment is prepared well for factory acceptance test. The purchase need to arrange delegates to do inspection. The equipment only can be shipped after passing the acceptance inspection.
   Shipped in time according to purchaser’s requirement.

Quality assurance

1、Our company has quality control and check department, which is directly to general manager and has quality veto independently. The quality control and check department built company level- workshop level – class level three levels quality management network. Each department should strictly perform duties according to Quality Management Manual and assure every affair that maybe affect product quality is in control from market survey, market sale to after salve service. The company management organization is in clear division, system procedure and quality documentation is sound and effective, quality record is complete. All of them is warranty of product quality’s traceability and stability.
2、Strengthen quality management, guarantee quality system is well proceed, make sure all products are conform to standardization and contract requirement.
3、Guarantee to provide good before and after sale service. Introduce product properties and operating requirement, provide related technical documents and do well instruction. Any quality problem occurs during operation, we will give handling suggestion in 24 hours and will appoint technical engineer to do site service in 48 hours if needed.
4、Be glad to receive customer supervision for key projects products.
5、After getting service notice, we will arrange site service technical engineer to help site install and commission. The product only can come into service after approval of purchaser and seller.

After Sale Service Guarantee

  Strict, practical, dedicated, loyal is the standard of so many years in power sector our company adheres to. High start point, good technology, sound quality and prominent service is our promise to customers while it’s our mission. In order to make users rest assured, we give the following performance guarantee:
Strictly comply with order contract and execute keep to the contract.
Insure good quality and quantity delivery in time.
Do well the hand over, test acceptance of products in time. If there’s any objection about our project, we will arrive to the site immediately.
Provide good quality product to the customer strictly according to requirement. Any problem we will appoint technical engineer to the site and solve in timely. Our company is responsible for any loss caused of quality problem.
Provide follow up service to the customer, ask for customer’s comments, find problems and figure out timely.
The whole company makes safeguard measures, acts according to the rules, and abides by the enterprise purpose of safety first, quality first, service first, credit first.

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